Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fishing group on the first day.  Somewhere around 17 fish!  37 fish in all.
          Looks like its time to dust of the old CG blog and get telling on some of our latest adventures!  In October we had blasts on our Southern Utah fishing trip.  We were able to spend two full days fishing at Quail Creek reservoir, just outside of Hurricane.  Everyone caught at least one fish but most everyone caught a few, and when you have 10 plus lines in the water, that makes for a lot of fish!  The weather fluctuated during the trip so there were times when it got pretty cold (the first night for example).  We had a tough crew though and despite the forecasted rain, we all stayed dry.

One of our cooks doing his thing. Sausage and French, yum!
        As always the food was excellent!  From pasta to dutch oven chicken and pancakes to a fish fry, nobody, and I mean nobody, went hungry.  
    The trip was a blast and everyone had a good time.  We hope you join us next time!

    Thanks, Common Ground.



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